With a special encore presentation this coming Monday, April 10, you still have the opportunity to see FACING DARKNESS on the big screen. You can find theaters and get tickets here.

Wondering what you’ll experience? Check out some of the latest thoughts of people like you who saw the film and posted their comments on Facebook.

“This documentary was amazing. A testament to the power and love of God and the ones who do his work in the name of Christ. I highly recommend this. It was very informative, showing what really went on there in West Africa with the Ebola outbreak. I saw it on March 30 when it came out, everyone who hasn’t please go and see it on April 10.” Sandra

“Great documentary! ‘Faith does not make us safe.’ Is where I am God wants me? Is God being honored? Do I allow Satan to discourage me? The movie challenged me in those areas. I have not faced what they did.” Viviian

“My husband and I went to go see this movie it is wonderful and very enlightening I highly recommend it to everyone. I would highly encourage youth leaders to bring the young people to see this also it’s a great inspiration. They could see how God could call them into a great mission field.” Minta

“Incredible!! Saw it last week! The missionaries stared death in the face. Samaritans Purse HAD to make this film. There’s no other way to explain how big God is. I’m a nurse and I don’t know how the doctors and nurses did it other than God’s strength. Everyone needs to see this film!” Barbara

“Amazing movie! Loved to see how God was there, moving in middle of the darkness. You can see His hand throughout the entire process! Thank you for showing us! Definitely eye opening to what was going on with Ebola and how the media ignored the severe danger of what these people were going through.” Kim

“Wonderful movie! It really inspired me to pray more frequently and much harder for missions and missionaries. My prayer is that God will raise up godly servants to join in the work of Samaritans Purse, and touch many hearts to support the blessed work of this outstanding organization.” Kathy

“Very, very glad I saw this movie. I thought I was paying attention during the epidemic, but oh how this movie enlightened me. We take way too many things for granted. Takeaway: fear is not something to run from, but something to run to.” Ann

“I saw this movie and it was excellent. It made me realize just how indifferent I was to the Ebola breakout when it was in our Headline News. At that time I just thought we can’t have it here. It really made an impact on me. Put a little more of that compassion back into me.” Enda

“It’s great to read 50 wonderful reviews of a movie and not ONE negative thing said. I will definitely go see this April 10, if it’s shown around my area!” Debra