Nancy Writebol

Nancy Writebol has an incredible story to tell. And on March 30, you will be able to see her story—and the story of so many others serving and living in Liberia during the Ebola crisis—when FACING DARKNESS arrives in select theaters across the U.S.

Along with Dr. Kent Brantly, Nancy became one of the names and faces Americans associated with Ebola after she contracted the disease. The incredible and faith-filled story of how both Kent and Nancy survived is at the heart of FACING DARKNESS.

Nancy recently shared part of her story about serving Christ in Liberia on the His Radio morning program.

“I’m so grateful not only that Kent and I both survived, but also so many of our Liberian brothers and sisters have survived,” Nancy shared on air. “When people say we’re heroes, we don’t really think that way. We think we were just doing what God called us to do. The Liberians are really the heroes.”

Watch the full interview with Nancy here

And then get ready to be inspired and awed by the people God chose to use and the miracles He authored in West Africa!

FACING DARKNESS is a one-night event in theaters Thursday, March 30 only.
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