When you see FACING DARKNESS as a special one-night event in theaters on Thursday, March 30, you will discover much about Dr. Kent Brantly and how God used him in the battle against Ebola in Liberia.

A recent article in his local Fort Worth newspaper put it this way:

“Brantly would become the face of Ebola for many in the United States, writing a book, appearing at the White House and speaking around the country. By the time the outbreak centered in west Africa ended, 11,323 Ebola deaths and 28,646 cases had occurred, according to the World Health Organization. …

“His experience in Liberia, where he worked for nine months as a doctor for the Christian relief agency Samaritan’s Purse has helped shape his outlook for treating patients locally and around the world.”

The in-depth newspaper story shares not only Dr. Brantly’s experience in Liberia, but also his heart of compassion.

“‘There are innumerable lessons we could draw from that experience,’ Brantly said. ‘The one I have tried to preach the most is choosing compassion over fear. I think that, at its core, is the most important lesson that this experience has illustrated. I talk about that from the perspective of my religious faith, the teachings of Jesus to love your neighbor as you love yourself.’”

Take a little time and read the entire article.

And then be sure to get your tickets to experience the full story of hope and compassion in FACING DARKNESS on March 30.

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